I3F, the first industrial chair of the University of Paris-Saclay is an interdisciplinary place of gathering and sharing between academic teams working on engineering and frugal innovation in a broad sense and economic players sharing the same ambitions .

I3F is an acronym of I for Innovation, I for Engineering (Ingéniérie, in french), I for Industrial and F for frugal, which is initiated by TélécomParisTech, Institut d'Optique Graduate School and AgroParisTech, all members of the Foundation Campus Paris-Saclay.

Research programs are constructed from questions from the field, with the implementation of pilot experiments in France and Africa. Particular attention is given to common goods and to imagine solutions to meet the needs of the greatest number, particularly on the aspects of "fork to farm" ... Finally, we all think that this ingenious and frugal spirit, taking uses as a starting point, will further explore new territories, and revisit the way we innovate here in France or Europe, as in the “South”.

Research areas