Photonic fablab



Open since september 2012 to FIE students and to various companies, the Photonic FabLab of Institut d’Optique Graduate School is the first prototyping lab of Saclay. It provides a broad range of machines used in photonics and optics. A service of rapid prototyping is also provided, to provide the perfect environment for innovation and R&D processes.

 6 Facilities

20 companies

 340 Activities

The Optical Institute Graduate School dedicates a 10,000m² building, the 503, to innovation and technological entrepreneurship in photonics. Called the Entrepreneurial Center of the Institut d'Optique, it is located on one of the largest centers of research and European activity, in the heart of the Saclay plateau, on the campus of the University of Paris-Saclay, Orsay . The center hosts a support structure for business creation and about 20 innovative companies in the field of photonics. They all have a mission of coaching, consulting and coaching for the promoters of emerging projects.  
With a prototyping platform composed of a machine park over 250m², the Fablab of the 503 provides support for innovative projects requiring fast proof of concept. It is intended for entrepreneurs, startups and companies wishing to carry out a technological innovation. Surrounded by the expertise of the Institute d'Optique, the FabLab is the ideal place for innovations with a photonic component.
Six facilities : 
  • Machines : 3D printers, CNC, laser cutting ...
  • Optical benches and photonic instruments (100 different benches, fiber-optic welding machine, reflectometer, ...).
  • Fully equipped electronic benches (SMT equipment, soldering irons, measuring instruments, ...)
  • A mechanical workshop (sandblasting, conventional mini-tower, column drills, ...)
  • A photo studio
  • A computer room with communication equipment
Examples of areas of application
  • Measures and controls 
  • Industrial Lighting 
  • Acquisition and processing of images 
  • Medical Industry 
  • Instrumentation for research 

Access :

503 Rue du Belvédère - 91 400 Orsay Paris   
Bus access :   Line 9 and  9106 : Stop Université Paris Saclay   Line 7 : Stop De Broglie