Hackathon - Frugal innovation in the service of "Smart" Food and agriculture

The I3F Chair devoted to Engineering and Innovation Frugales organized its first hackathon at Telecom ParisTech on 26 and 27 May 2016 on connected food and agriculture. 35 students from Paris-Saclay University, Agro ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech, IOGS, ENSCI and Strate, divided into four teams, worked on very concrete solutions, thanks in particular to the FabNum of Télécom ParisTech.



Open Innovation and Frugal Engineering: from the diversity of practices to a conceptual framework

Scientific Officer : Valérie Fernandez (TPT), thesis director 
Team : Constance Garnier, doctoral student
Duration : Doctoral Contract
The doctoral thesis in SHS developed under the program of the chair (co-financing by doctoral contract) will focus on the forms of open innovation developed in the context of third-places to ask the question of their impacts in terms of skills Individual organizational transformations and changes in economic value chains.       To know more...



Autonomous and connected agriculture

Scientific Officers : Marianne Cerf ( INRA) with Alexandre Jullien (APT),  Valérie Fernandez (TPT)
Team : Antoine Landry, engineer
The theme of agriculture connected to the service of autonomy in agriculture. Aims to link the actors who would work the way technology (terminals, software or platforms for connection and data collection, embedded sensors and equipment, robotics, etc.) could be valued and governance models thought the service Agricultural and food systems that put at the center the human and the notions of autonomy and solidarity.   To know more...



Local Food Circuits and Innovations for Sustainable Development

Scientific Officers : Yuna Chiffoleau (INRA), Gérard Cuvelier (APT)
Team : Mathilde Boucher, engineer
Theme of transformation for / in short circuits. Most research on these circuits has generally focused on direct sales systems, without actually taking into account the stage of product transformation and the associated actors.   To know more...